In this Environmental Protection Show we convey what plastic waste means for our seas and wildlife by presenting problems and solutions in an entertaining edutainment show.

“The Fish & The Plastic” is a 45-minute performance that highlights the problems of plastic waste in the sea and introduces solutions to the audience in a fun and colorful way. The program is presented with comedy, juggling and surprising acrobatics.

Huge amounts of unnecessary plastic are produced. Every year, 6 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. The plastic breaks down into micro-parts and is thus ingested by birds and fish in the food chain. It is our mission to demonstrate that we can take responsibility for its use and disposal.

For organizers of environmental protection events and sustainability events. We also perform in schools, kindergartens, bookstores, museums, festivals and wherever the topic of plastic in the sea is discussed!

«An incredibly touching, entertaining and educational edutainment show for the children. (Tears and goosebumps for the adults) ! We were very satisfied with the environmental protection show in Refsnes kindergarten. «

Refsnes Kindergarten

umwelt schutz entertainment
umwelt schutz entertainment

» Emotional, exciting and something new!
The feedback was great! «

Michael Minder / Gleis 21

» This is the best children’s show I’ve ever seen! «

Plastik im Meer, Umwelt Schutz Show

» An important message conveyed in a visual and exciting way. Both children and adults were very pleased with the Plastic in the Sea show. The children said it was really cool theatre! «

Blomsterøya Kindergarten

» Thank you for a great environmental protection show! Big and small were fascinated. A good mix of different elements that both engaged and excited the children. With famous songs, exciting acrobatics, fascinating light shows and last but not least an important message, the time passed quickly and the Children could probably have been enthralled with this performance for a longer period of time.»

Gråtass Kindergarten

Akrobatik Comedy Künstler

When we developed the environmental protection show concept, we asked ourselves the following questions:

Why does plastic end up in the oceans?

How does this affect all living things underwater and along the coast?

 What can be done to stop this?

How can we present this in an entertaining and clear way?

It is our concern that every child and adult can answer these 4 questions after watching our environmental edutainment show.

Technical Information:

● Duration: 30 minutes

● Languages: English, French, German or Norwegian.

● Space: At least 2.40 meters high, 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep base area + sufficient space for the audience in front of the stage area.

● Technology: We bring our own props, loudspeakers, microphones and lighting system. Everything is battery powered, so you don’t have to run power cords across the stage.

● Preparation: It only takes 30 minutes from arrival on site to get the show ready! If our show is part of a festival where other acts are using the show before and after us, we can set everything up backstage and carry it on stage in minutes.

● Backstage: We are happy if we can use a backstage room before and after the show if possible.

Nachhaltigkeit entertainment


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